The website loads quickly, it is easy to read, it has clear and logical structure.
49% of the visitors leave the website if they have to wait more than 10 seconds for the contents to load. (KISSmetrics)


Search engine optimized

Optimized images, W3C valid code, appropriate site map.
96% of the people who search the Internet do not click further than the second page of the search results. (Chitika)

mobilbarát weboldal készítés


The content flexibly adapts to smartphone and tablet resolutions.
44% of the people browse the Internet on their smartphones or tablets. (StatCounter)

  • Német Oktató

    Német Oktató

    logo, responsive web design, search engine optimization, WordPress development, custom contact form, custom newsletter, custom e-learning platform

  • Karrier Tréning

    Karrier Tréning

    logo, responsive web design, contact form, search engine optimization

Who we are?

Barnett Ltd. was established in 2002 by IT and marketing experts in Budapest (Hungary). Earlier the team provided IT and web solutions for transportation companies and later for financial institutions.

Do you have a project?

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